vendredi 20 décembre 2013

"time for giving" blogtrain with ILONKA

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and "A Time For Giving". 

We, as the creative team of Ilonka's Scrapbook Designs, are proud to present you "A Time For Giving CT Blogtrain" with lots of wonderful gifts.

To collect all the wonderful gifts, all you have to do is follow the blogs using the bloglist below and download our gifts.

The Creative Team of Ilonka's Scrapbook Designs and Ilonka herself are wishing you wonderful Christmas and Scraptastic New Year.

I would like to offer this wonderful gift, I hope you will enjoy it.

voici mon cadeau pour vous une page prete pour vous cree avec le kit all is calm d'ilonka

Thank you for downloading.

Edna (Dodiegonzales)

Ilonka (Ilonka's Scrapbook Designs)

Jessica (Jessica Art Design)

Julia (Moromu)


Miriam (Nounou)

Stacey (Zanthia)

Svetlana (Dukuu)

Yasmine (Scrap de Yas)

Anett (Nettl)

Angelique (Liek)

Anne Laure (Bessychou)

Audrey (Sarayane)

Britta (Rollinchen)

you can now click on the first link in this bloglist to find out what the next gift will be.

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Bessychou a dit…

Merci Catherine pour cette superbe QP